Resistance Exercise Bands Set Help Support Demand for Functional Workout Training

Level X announces new inventory arrival at Amazon, to support shoppers demand for Natural Latex Rubber Resistance Exercise Bands. The new inventory arrival helps contribute more supplies to help with ongoing demand for functional exercise equipment.

Phoenix, United States – September 23rd, 2014 /PressCable/

As functional training continues to be incorporated into mainstream fitness workouts, so does the demand for equipment that allows people to train in functional ways. Functional training or functional workouts is an approach to performing exercises that closely replicate the actual way the body moves in everyday life. The advantages to this type of training are that it helps people to perform everyday activities more efficiently. This type of training can also improve strength, agility, and balance.

Functional training equipment can range in price from several thousand dollars to under twenty dollars, depending upon the sophistication of the design. Exercise bands have gained in popularity due to their low cost, ease of use, and their exercise versatility. Some of the more popular resistance bands are the smaller loop bands often used around the ankles and knees. These bands work well to add resistance in lateral and diagonal motions. These bands have been used for several years in rehabilitation environments for improving the strength in patients recovering from injuries ranging from ankle sprains, ACL injuries, and even low back pain.

There has been an demand over the summer and going into the fall for these types of resistance bands, as training began for fall sports. The new added inventory by Level X should help with the demand. The Level X set of resistance exercise workout bands have become popular over the last year since being introduced to the market.

They were designed with Health, Exercise and Fitness Enthusiasts in mind providing multiple features such as:

-Four (4) Different Exercise Band Resistance Levels Per Set – This allows users to utilize the exercise bands for multiple exercises involving the arms, shoulders, hips, legs, ankles and even the core muscles. The multiple resistance levels allow the use of the bands by a wide variety of age groups and strength levels.

-Color Coded Strength Levels – Allows users to quickly select the band that is just right for the area they are targeting for strengthening. This feature also allows users to easily keep track of the resistance levels associated with specific exercises.

-Compact Size – A continuous loop of natural latex rubber measuring 10 inches x 2 inches allows the bands to be small enough to be portable for those needing to take their exercise routine on the road.

-Industrial Strength Durability – The bands are manufactured with the intention of creating a durable, long lasting latex band to withstand multiple rigorous uses. 24/7 Online Exercise Video Training Access – The training video access provided with purchase, give instructional guidelines on how to best use the exercise bands for maximizing the results.

In particular, Shane Carr, Physical Therapist and owner of the brand Level X had this to say about the product: “Exercise bands are great because they allow you to work muscle groups in a different way than with other resistance exercises like machines or free weights. Training some movements can be challenging with traditional resistance exercise because of the constraints of some gym equipment. Exercise bands can help bridge the training gap that can occur, when trying to match exercises to improving functional activity performance.”

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at Those interested in purchasing exercise bands can visit the company website for a generous discount coupon, or go directly to the Amazon product listing page, here:

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