Reseda CA Rehab Launches Alcohol Overconsumption Health Risks & Treatment Report

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The Discovery House (1-818-452-1676), a luxury rehab center located in Reseda, CA, has released a report detailing the dangers of alcohol overconsumption.

The Discovery House report informs the public that 15 million adults have alcohol use disorder (AUD). Even though it has been demonstrated that alcohol can cause detrimental health effects, it is still seen as an acceptable substance for consumption by modern society. The reason for this is that alcohol is regulated, meaning it isn’t part of any scheduling protocols by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

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The Discovery House’s report further explains that if alcohol was a controlled substance, the government would be in charge of regulating manufacturing, distribution, possession, and use of alcohol. Individuals would not be able to legally consume controlled substances unless they had a prescription.

In spite of how readily available alcohol is to anyone over the legal drinking age, many experts view it as a potential ‘controlled substance’ because of its addictive potential and health dangers. Common signs of alcohol use disorders include drinking to evade responsibilities, conflicts with loved ones, or hurting someone while under the influence of alcohol.

According to the report, alcohol dependence occurs when the individual is unable to stop drinking due to a powerful craving. When the individual tries to stop, they may experience sweating, anxiety, shakiness, and nausea. Additional details can be found at

Those who are struggling with alcohol addiction or dependence should seek professional help to overcome it. Individuals can visit the company’s center to get the treatments they need and to verify details for using their insurance, from Aetna to those with a UPMC Health Plan.

The Discovery House is an accredited luxury addiction treatment center surrounded by a relaxing landscape. This soothing environment is designed to help patients feel at ease and promote their recovery. The company’s compassionate team will dedicate itself to assisting the patient through each step of their journey, motivating them so they won’t give up, and offering around-the-clock support.

A satisfied patient said: “Coming here was a transformative experience. I was at my lowest and they helped me work through my addiction issues. The staff and counselors are all super supportive and kind. The food is delicious, and the houses are all really comfortable and homey. There’s always someone to talk to.”

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