Reseda CA Drug/Substance Addiction Recovery – Overdose Awareness Campaign Launch

Reseda, CA - The Discovery House (818-452-1676) promotes the conversation on substance abuse in the United States with its newly launched educational awareness campaign.

With more than 700,000 Americans having died from drug-related overdose since 2000, according to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, experts warn that the current health crisis will only trigger an increase in cases as more people attempt to numb their internal pain with an external substance. Cognizant of these statistics, The Discovery House strengthens its commitment to helping society understand what substance abuse is, how to spot a drug overdose, and how to reach out to someone suffering from drug addiction.

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The new educational awareness campaign attempts to remove the stigma that still surrounds substance abuse. Those who become addicted to a drug are often labeled as “weak” or that “they brought this on themselves”. However, the group explains that drug addiction is a highly complex issue, involving a multi-factorial pattern of addiction.

This is why substance abuse is treated through a holistic approach, involving group therapy and intensive counseling. It is not enough for sufferers to be treated for their physical addiction alone; they must also understand the emotional reasons why they search for illicit substances.

This is particularly important as experts note an increase in younger people becoming illegal drug users. Current data shows that around 12% of Americans over 12 years old use an illegal drug, with around 53 million misusing prescription drugs in the last year. Unless otherwise immediately addressed, analysts estimate these numbers to increase year after year. Further details can be found at

The Discovery House wants more people to discuss these statistics and seek help if they fear that their loved one may be addicted to an illicit drug. Serving all of Southern California and the United States, the Joint Commission accredited luxury addiction treatment center believes that everyone should receive high-quality care at affordable prices.

In line with this mission, it accepts most major insurance plans and helps clients understand the financial options available for them. The center prides itself on having one of the highest success rates in the state.

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