Reputation Score Management For Businesses – Online Footprint Report Launched

Scott Hall (+1-877-675-4340) has launched a new report on the importance of online reputation management, and how business owners can change their score for the better through positive social media and review campaigns.

Digital marketing and scalability specialist Scott Hall continues his series of educational articles on web services for businesses with the launch of his new report. ‘Why Is A Reputation Score Important?’ looks at the various aspects of achieving and maintaining a positive online reputation to facilitate sustainable growth in a chosen niche.

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The newly launched report is available to read on Scott’s website, a comprehensive resource of information on all things related to software for small business.

An online reputation score puts a numerical value on an individual’s or a business’s digital presence. It collates consumer feedback, content published and the nature of customer interaction to help assess the effectiveness of current online strategies.

The report discusses why this reputation is crucial for business in the digital era. With so much choice for the consumer online, a respected and trustworthy brand with positive feedback will garner greater attention and thus, greater revenues.

Scott also discusses the effect this can have on recruitment. Not only do companies wish to engage the right kind of customers, but it is also important to attract the best talent to facilitate innovation and expansion.

Readers are taken through the various elements that help build the right kind of reputation. These include customer-penned reviews, ideally spread across the web to add credibility for those researching a company’s products and services.

Accurate local listings are also discussed as a simple but essential factor in creating the right impression for customers with easy-to-find and accurate information.

In addition, Scott discusses the importance of social media, pointing out that 90% of people shop with brands that they follow through these channels.

Also covered are companies such as MyLife, which can generate reputation scores for business owners struggling to find time to keep on top of their online interactions. There are a host of other agencies who provide similar services and the report suggests researching them all to find one most suited to a particular industry.

Scott Hall brings years of experience in the enterprise software sector and, through, gives readers the benefit of his broad base of knowledge regarding digital growth.

Scott says, “If you need help creating your strategy and ensuring your business stands out from the crowd, take a look at this range of brilliant resources that every business owner will find useful.”

With the launch of his latest report on online reputation management, Scott Hall affirms his reputation as a thought leader in the digital realm, helping businesses everywhere make smarter decisions online.

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