Reprogram The Subconscious Mind For Empowering Change Expert Teachings Launched

A teaching program has been launched to help people reprogram their subconscious mind. The empowering teachings of Christy Mattoon at Mind Rewire help to establish a deeper spiritual connection.

A leading subconscious change expert, Christy Mattoon has launched a new teaching program designed to rewire the mind. Mind Rewire provides tools for subconscious change so people can establish a deeper spiritual connection with the divine and their own spirit.

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The newly launched teaching program offers sessions and expert advice to help people change their subconscious mind. Christy Mattoon says that when a coherence through the body is established, rapid expansion, change, and growth takes place.

Heart and brain coherence become a natural empowered way of life and not something people have to sit down and do once a day. Human beings are generally trained into a subconscious way of life where they feel out of control and powerless, but this can be changed. Interested parties can find out more at

Accessing the subconscious mind and gently changing negative thinking patterns and behaviors can stop the fear, stress, and paralysis that so often holds people back in life. The teaching program combines intuitive insights, proven methods, and communication with the divine as well as the ability to read and adjust energy information in the physical system.

A result of following the teachings of Mind Rewire include the fact people see fast results, achieve deep healing and understanding to aid growth, and gain a better intuition to enable a whole, fulfilling life. The program acknowledges the mind is a powerful tool, but the subconscious can sometimes get in the way.

Christy Mattoon aims to teach people how easy it is to change their subconscious mind. It can be rewired and structured so that its natural thinking works with people – not against them. Mind Rewire provides quick, easy, and effective strategies so individuals can become self-sufficient. It helps attendees to become the co-author of their life instead of getting stuck in their old pathways that lead to nowhere.

A happy reviewer said: “I have felt a vast change in not only my physical health, but my mental health. I battle complex-PTSD – a major symptom of this disorder is dissociation. Christy worked with me by disconnecting the reasons behind my dissociation. Since seeing her, I haven’t had one dissociation episode and have been handling my emotions in a much calmer way.”

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