Makes Hunting for Rentals in Phoenix, AZ Easier and Faster

Share this news: has launched a website to help people seeking to rent residential or commercial real estate units in Phoenix find one that suits their needs and budget.

New Website to Help Residents, Business Owners and Visitors in Phoenix, AZ Find Properties for Rent with Ease

With the US economystill on shaky ground, many observers of the real estate industry in Phoenix,Arizona have noted a shift among the residents toward renting their homesrather than buying them. In other words, more residents in the Phoenix area arechoosing to be renters instead of homeowners at this time.

“That Phoenix residents are opting to rent their homesinstead of owning them is actually a clue to the real state of the economy weare in right now,” says Philip Chambers, spokesperson

“People rent because they don’t feel secure in theirjobs,” Chambers explains. “They probably work part-time at a coupleof places. And because they don’t enjoy job security, these people don’t feelup to the risk of dealing with mortgage and any other financial responsibilitythat comes with home ownership.”

The growing demand for rentals has prompted Chambers’company to launch its newest website, The goal of thewebsite is to make it easier for renters to find houses, apartments or condounits that will fit their needs as well as their budget. Business owners andvacationers to Phoenix can also use the resource on commercial properties andshort-term rentals available on the website.

“Finding a home or a place for your business to rent isnot an easy task,” says Chambers. “This is especially true inPhoenix, where rentals can be costly. We want to make this task a lot easierfor the people visiting our site.” is an online resource on real estaterentals in Phoenix, Arizona. Its aim is to help people who are looking torelocate their homes or businesses to the Greater Phoenix area find a house,apartment, condominium unit or commercial property that suits their needs andtheir budget best. Visitors to Phoenix looking for short-term rentals to save on hotel accommodations can also find this website useful.For more information, please contact Philip Chambers at orvisit

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