Rensselaer IN Internet Service Provider Launches High Speed Business Connections

Rensselaer IN internet service provider Zing launched its high-speed fiber-optic services for business users in and around the city. The service allows local and online businesses to leverage the scalability and security of Zing's 1-gigabit network while enjoying responsive local customer support.

Rensselaer IN internet service provider Zing announced the launch of its high-speed fiber internet services for businesses. The new service uses the company’s fiber-optic network to deliver a stable and reliable 1-gigabit network connection.

More information about Zing and its fiber services is available at

The new high-speed fiber internet is available to businesses operating in and around the city of Rensselaer. As the city’s preferred ISP, Zing makes the service available to businesses located in the urban and rural areas surrounding the city. The company’s network also supports affordable domestic internet speeds up to 100 Mbps.

Fiber-optic networks provide growing businesses access to exponentially increased bandwidth, lower signal losses, improved security, and virtually noiseless data transmission as compared to traditional copper-based networks. The Zing fiber internet service also leverages the scalability and improved data security of fiber networks to power e-stores and online businesses that use payment gateways.

Zing also provides digital HD TV services with “watchTVeverywhere” capabilities that allow customers to stream HD content to smartphones, laptops, and other devices anywhere in the world at no additional charge.The firm also provides domestic and business VoIP telephone services with free local calls and low-cost calling to anywhere in the 48 states.

According to a spokesperson for the Rensselaer cable tv & internet service provider, “Our new fiber-based internet service is designed to empower businesses with reliable high-speed connections by doubling or tripling the speeds and bandwidth available through conventional copper-based cable internet services. As a proud local ISP, we focus on providing scalable, secure, and reliable connectivity to businesses in our community.”

Established in 1966 as TV Cable of Rensselaer, Zing is a communications & entertainment service provider serving the cities of Rensselaer and Morrocco, IN. The local family-owned business provides online and onsite support for its domestic and commercial services. More information is available at the URL above.

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