Renovations Contractors in Brooklyn Schedule Spring Gut Renovations Construction

Renovations contractors in Brooklyn, like Picasso Expert Renovations, are scheduling their Spring renovations construction and remodeling work at this time.

This is the time of year when renovations contractors in Brooklyn begin to meet with clients who are considering major gut renovations construction of their living space. The reasons for this vary but a common theme is that the client wishes to radically change her home’s look and traffic flow..

To achieve a more modern look and function the homeowner often requests that her gut renovations contractor eliminate some of the interior, non-load bearing walls of the home. This new open space can sometimes resemble some of the high-end, wide open loft spaces one might find in lower Manhattan.

George, at Picasso Expert Renovations, was contacted and asked about his suggestions for a homeowner who is looking for the best results in a Spring remodel project. He gave a tip that should help the homeowner looking for a fair deal.

This is what he said, “This is the best time of year to get the lowest price from contractors. January is a relatively slow period for most contractors and that leaves most of them open to negotiation regarding price. If you are lucky you can find some top of the line contractors who will give you up to a 5% discount for a January project.”

“Also” George continued, “there are many after Christmas sales on appliances and fixtures for the home. Whatever you will need to furnish your newly remodeled home can often be purchased at a deep discount this time of year. July and August are very busy times for remodeling companies and therefore are the least likely times for renovation contractors in Brooklyn to offer client’s deep discounts.”

George at Picasso, like many renovations contractors in Brooklyn, are available for free consultations at the location of your future remodeling project. Picasso Expert Renovations is currently scheduling free consultations at 1-347-276-2081.

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