Reno Holistic Natural Health Treatments Body Rebalancing Video Launched

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Dr Eichelberger of Reno Alternative Medicine has launched a new video highlighting the natural holistic treatment methods he can use to alleviate pain, reduce stress and manage fatigue. He has over 44 years’ experience and prides himself on high quality service.

Dr Eichelberger has launched a new video focusing on natural holistic treatments for anyone looking to re-balance their body, mind and spirit. His treatment plans get to the root cause of patients’ issues and fix them without the need of medicine.

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The video says that for busy people who are tired, stressed or in pain, it’s possible to improve quality of life drastically. Dr Eichelberger knows because he’s been there, and he knows firsthand what it can be like.

Twenty years ago, he was constantly fatigued, stressed all the time, and every day he was experiencing pain. This made him realize that if he didn’t change something, he would never be able to achieve his goals.

Research led him to a physician who knew how to get to the deeper underlying issues that were causing these problems. It was this that made Dr Eichelberger realize that he wanted to bring these powerful natural healing techniques to others so that their life situation could improve as well.

Patients experiencing pain, stress, or overwhelming fatigue can rob them of the joys of normal life. They can also have a negative impact on productivity.

However, through the right natural healing techniques, it’s possible for patients to get their life back. The important thing is to have treatments that work with the body’s own healing abilities.

Dr Eichelberger has over 48 years of experience with results oriented treatments. He prides himself on helping patients to get back to optimum health quicker.

He states: “In your unique situation there may be a variety issues to address. These might include food choices, food sensitivities, toxins in the body, adrenal fatigue, immune issues, or clogged detoxification pathways. Fortunately, there are are powerful and effective natural ways to correct these problems.”

Those wishing to find out more are encouraged to get in touch on the link provided above or by calling (775) 827-6901.

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