Reno Eye Doctors at Eyezone Offer New Dry Eye Treatment

Reno eye doctors Eyezone has announced the launch of a new dry eye treatment called LipiFlow. Through a combination of applied heat and gentle massage, this cutting edge technology removes blockages from the meibomian glands to treat MGB and dry eye.

An optometrist in Reno, Nevada, has announced the launch of a new LipiFlow dry eye treatment for patients in the local area who suffer from dry eyes. It is one of a wide range of treatments available from well trained staff, which will carefully explain each process and ensure customers feel comfortable throughout the process.

More information is available on the Eyezone website at:

If anyone in Reno is suffering from dry eyes, it’s important to get it checked out because 86% of those diagnosed with dry eye have a disease known as MGB. Meibomian Gland Disease occurs when the protective oil that normally flows from the eyelid glands stops or decreases. Over time, structural damage of the glands can occur, but importantly the disease is completely treatable.

Eyezone offers a free online speed test for anyone suffering dry eye to check whether or not they have MGB. They can then contact an MGB expert with their results and be treated to further help if they require it. More information can be found on the special dry eye segment of the Eyezone site:

Anyone who arrives at Eyezone in person to get an MGB check up will go through a multi-stage process to check every facet of their eye health. Doctors will first check to see if the glands are releasing oil during the blinking process. Structure can be observed with state of the art Dynamic Meibomian Imaging, which captures detailed images of the patients’ glands.

The doctor can then advise the best route to take, and detail the many procedures the patient can opt for if they require treatment for MGB or dry eye. The new LipiFlow treatment is the latest technological advancement in the industry, and utilizes a patented algorithm of precise heat applied to the inner eyelids and directed gentle massage to remove blockages from the meibomian glands. This treatment is designed to restore the natural oil flow to the tear film that covers the eye’s surface. A wide range of eye drops, scrubs, and other treatments are also available.

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