Renegade Teacher Reveals Secret to F9 in the GCE O Level English Examination

Renegade teacher unveils the secret to D7s, E8s and F9s in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O Level English Examination, whether the student is taking the examination in 2018, 2019 or any other year.

The written papers of the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O Level English Examination 2018 are finally over, but a blog post by a renegade teacher is making the rounds on the internet, purportedly showing the way – not to a distinction grade in English but – to a failure grade in the all-critical examination.

Mr Lee Lin Cher – owner and sole contributor to the Cult of Cher website – has just published a blog post on his website, unveiling a rather obvious key to failing the English paper which many students have chosen to be oblivious about.

Entitled “The Key to Failing Your GCE O Level English 2019, 2020 and Beyond”, the blog post deduces the one singular, defining quality that distinctively marks candidates doomed for failure in the examination from the rest of the pack.

According to the teacher who used to teach English and Literature in a secondary school, the blog post serves as a warning to prospective students taking the exams in the future.

“As a warning, this blog post is too late since it was published just one week before the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O Level English Examination 2018. For prospective candidates, however, this is a wake-up call for them to act on their learning before it is too late. This is all the more important when every secondary school student in Singapore is a prospective candidate of the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O Level English Examination.”

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According to Lee, there are signs and indications as to whether a student is going to perform well as a candidate.

“Success leaves clues, so does failure. The objective of this post is to highlight the one singular, defining quality that marks out the failures. If you’re exhibiting this quality, it’s time for a change; and I mean a positive one,” Lee added.

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