Rene Jacques to release book on athlete’s advantage in business

The skills in training as a player can serve a businessman well while he or she thrives in the challenging business climate. A former athlete Rene Jacques shares how his training in sport helped him earn his feats as a CEO.

SACRAMENTO, CA, November 18 – Rene Jacques will release his book “The Athlete’s Advantage in Business” on Friday, November 20 to share how being a former athlete has helped him in his successful business venture.

His book is expected to become a hit as it will go into detail how mental toughness is needed in navigating through the business world.

Jacques is a former player for Sacramento State University and now CEO of the company he founded himself.

He has spent his athlete years working with some of the best coaches in the nation, allowing him to grow not just in sports but also in life.

His experience in court has taught him lessons and has set his mindset towards success which is a vital part of starting a business.

“Once I started to look back to my training as an athlete, I saw that the skills that served me well on the court were the same skills I would need to develop a thriving business,” Jacques shared.

In his book, he will take a deep dive on how being a well-rounded person is the foundation of an effective leadership.

Jacques will share tips on how he eats and workout; and discuss the way exercise and a healthy routine are the secret in making the best out of every day.

But despite his success, Jacques said that like anyone else, he always finds a room for improvement.

“I’ve managed to create a successful business, but I’m still looking for answers. I’m still looking for a way to improve my performance and improve myself as a person,” he said.

Thus, the pages of his book do not discuss everything that Jacques alone knew. He has also included the insights of other experts in the field about the skills and techniques they use to motivate their workers and themselves.

This aspect on Jacque’s book offers various takes on leadership and cooperation which are also essential in a thriving business.

“My promise to you is that this will not be easy. If I’ve learned anything in my life, it’s that nothing worth doing is easy. But… if you decide to commit to doing the hard work, there is nothing we cannot accomplish,” Jacques assured.

Jacques’ book is available through

Originally from Oakland, California, Jacques has earned a college scholarship to play Division 1 basketball at Sacramento State. He has finished a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a concentration in Real Estate.

Jacques lives for a mission to develop a relentless and unstoppable mindset that drives the pursuit of building a phenomenally successful business.

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