Removing Candle Wax From Carpets, How-To Guide Released By BCCB For Householders

BCCB has released a new how-to guide on how to remove candle wax from carpets. householders and other interested parties can find the guide online at

Carpet cleaning business, BCCB, has published a new how-to guide dedicated to helping householders get wax off a carpet without damaging it. This guide will also have information useful to anybody facing the challenge of avoiding damaging carpet fibres whilst still removing the wax.

Interested parties are invited to review the how-to guide in full on their website: . Householders and anybody interested in how to remove candle wax from carpets are invited to review the how-to guide online

This most recent how-to guide from BCCB contains precise and detailed steps and instructions, designed to be used by people who take pride in their homes but have the occasional “mishap” with a wax spillage and others who need it, helping them get wax off a carpet without damaging it, as quickly, easily and with as little stress as possible.

BCCB states that this accessible, easy to follow guide provides all of the information necessary to fully understand the topic, to get the results they want.

The Full How-To Guide Covers: safe wax removal – using the same techniques as professionals who do this on a daily basis; which “secret” tools to use – how to use everyday items to achieve professional results and how to use professional techniques – how to start off gently and safely rather than do irreparable damage

When asked for more information about the guide, the reasons behind creating a guide on how to remove candle wax from carpets and what they hope to accomplish with it, “The Pro”, Technical Wizard at BCCB said: “The main differences between pro’s and amateurs is experience and training. Although we would prefer to carry out the work ourselves, we realize that many people will try to do it themselves and would likely cause lasting damage. Who knows/ If they are happy with the guide they may ask us to carry out cleaning work for them in the future. If they follow the instructions carefully (and the warnings!), particularly about practicing on old pieces beforehand, there is far more chance of their soft furnishings emerging unharmed.”

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