Remote IT Engineer Staffing – Global Talent Screening/Recruitment Service Launch

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Recruit Global Talent has announced an updated service for companies finding it challenging to identify and retain exceptional employees with the right skills to match their engineering needs.

The Fresno, California-based remote staffing agency now connects local and multinational organizations with overseas talent possessing exceptional work ethics to help their businesses thrive in a competitive environment.

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The latest move comes to address the growing demand for mechanical, industrial, structural, and electrical engineering professionals combined with employers’ increasing inability to find qualified candidates amid a tight labor market. Recruit Global Talent provides clients with instant access to an existing pool of top talent from all over the world, saving organizations time and internal resources.

The agency offers a fast and convenient hiring solution that also helps clients fill in critical positions such as design engineers, graphic designers, software coders, CPA accountants, and other sought-after roles. The team of talent acquisition specialists takes charge of the entire recruitment process, providing clients with a streamlined, hassle-free solution to meet staff shortages.

Recruit Global Talent empowers small and large businesses to engage the right talent at a 25% lower price than the cost of hiring and training a North American-born engineer.

The agency recruits trained and certified professionals from countries in the MENA region and other areas who have worked for prominent international companies operating in their respective states. They speak fluent English and are highly motivated to constantly develop their skills. Those professionals are always on the lookout for new training and education opportunities to advance their careers in order to stand out in a challenging market.

By choosing a dedicated engineer to work remotely from their country, organizations also spare themselves potential issues and expenses related to work permits such as the H1 Visa for the USA and LMIA for foreign workers in Canada. Companies don’t have to worry about the additional hiring costs either, as the agency takes care of the training, taxes, health insurance, and other benefits concerning new employee recruitment.

The staffing agency utilizes a full-cycle recruiting process that allows organizations to engage the most qualified candidate. From candidate search and screening to hiring and onboarding, the team delivers a holistic, simplified approach to finding the ideal candidate that also leads to a smooth experience for potential hires.

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