Remote Engineers Hiring/Staffing Agency – Online Recruitment Platform Launched

Staffing agency Recruit Global Talent has launched its cost-effective recruitment and staff management platform for employers looking to hire talented engineers and other professionals from different countries around the world.

The company’s recently launched platform offers a convenient solution for employers looking to hire certified and experienced professionals in engineering, graphics design, IT, accounting, and other fields.

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As the hiring culture for skilled labor continues its transition into remote work, Recruit Global Talent provides a simple solution that will help employers access trained professionals from anywhere in the world.

The company’s focus on remote work offers employers the benefit of reducing their overhead on expenses like office space, utility costs, visa sponsorships, employee benefits, and more.

With its services, employers can hire competent staff at a fraction of the expected rate in their local market. Recruit Global Talent will find the right talent, evaluate their skills, and handle the hiring process on behalf of the employer. The company also undertakes certain administrative responsibilities, including payroll, dismissals, and any required insurance arrangements at no extra cost.

In exchange for these services, Recruit Global Talent charges a monthly fee, which could amount to 25% of the local market rate for the position being filled.

Its trial program offers complete access to the hiring platform at no cost for 15 days. Employers can also request a demo session with one of the company’s representatives.

About the Company

Recruit Global Talent is a staffing agency that specializes in helping employers hire and manage qualified talent globally. The company was founded out of the need to provide a cost-effective solution to staff recruitment and management without border restrictions. Recruit Global Talent is currently focused on the MENA region and plans to source talent from other parts of the world soon.

A spokesperson said, “If there is one thing we learned from the pandemic, it’s how ready we are for remote work. The entire world has become a talent pool. We offer a staffing service for remote professionals at a great discount. Whether you’re looking for a design engineer, software coder, or CPA accountant, we will find rock stars willing to work hard and grow your business. Our strategy secures a win for everyone.”

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