Relocation Services for those moving to Australia Starts Now

Elite Executive Services announced the availability of their new Relocation Services. More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest relocation services will now be able to get in contact with relocation company, Elite Executive Services. Kathy Nunn, CEO at Elite Executive Services today released information on the new relocation service development.

The relocation services is designed to appeal specifically to those who are living in the UK and looking to move to Australia and includes the following:

Direct support – One to one direct support was included as part of the service to ensure a relationship can be built between the client and consultant so they can develop a greater understanding of their unique requirements. This is fantastic news for the customer as they can explain their vision to the one consultant who will always understand their specific case.

Pre-arrival contact – This was an essential part when developing the service, so the consultant and the client can be clear of the plans ahead before the big move to Australia. Customers who invest in Elite Executive Service’s relocation service will enjoy this feature as things can get a little hectic once arriving into a new country without a direct clear plan beforehand.

Welcome Guide – Elite Executive Services included a detailed welcome pack on the customers chosen city in Australia to ensure they can be fully equipped from all the necessary research. Customers of the relocation services will likely appreciate this guide as it will be packed with all the details of their new city including information on the local people, food, schools, etc…

More information about the Australian Immigration Services can be found on their website,

Kathy Nunn, when asked about the Australian Immigration Services said:

” Our Australia Immigration Service is available as of when you need it. You can find information on the Australian immigration android app, “Applocation Australia” which can also direct you to Australian Immigration consultants who can advise on Australian immigration permanent residency and different visa types. “

Those interested in learning more about Elite Executive Services and their Australian Immigration Services Services can do so on the website at

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