Relief From Anxiety And Depression: The Power Of Online Therapy

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Lizzie Allan, founder of Hilarapy: Healing With Humor, is at the center of a unique intersection of her Comedy Therapy Process and one of the fastest growing areas of therapy worldwide - online therapy.

Lizzie Allan, a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, a Professional Comedian with a degree in Comedy Writing and Performance, and a Comedy Therapist, leads her own unique brand of comedy therapy that is process-oriented, immersive, and therapeutic in nature.

Research done by Subho Chakrabarti and published in the World Journal of Psychiatry stated that online therapy using video conferencing as the main form of communication between patient and mental health professional promotes “high levels of satisfaction among patients.” In an additional study published by Nature News, only 44.5% of patients being treated for depression in the United States “preferred in-person psychotherapy,” making online therapy options the popular vote.

Online therapy, although relatively new to the world of mental health treatment, is quickly rising in popularity. With the explosion of Zoom and similar video-chatting services during the pandemic, online therapy groups have flourished. The best online therapy is when one can be supported by an empathetic and supportive group. “Hilarapy is all about taking risks within a safe and compassionate community,” observes Allan. “The experience is empowering and life-enriching. Getting to the bottom of what’s driving stress, anxiety and depression, will help you to change thinking patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you.”

Affordable online therapy is accessible, convenient, and effective. With hundreds of online therapy organizations available, there is only one that actually harnesses the power of comedy. Combined with therapeutic processes, comedy empowers us to shift perceptions and misconceptions, address stereotypes and assumptions, break down invisible barriers, end repetitive stigma patterns, and create an opening in the hearts of others. Hilarapy allows you to push the edges of your comfort zone and create a bigger space in which to live.

Profound life-changing experiences occur when combining comedy with online group therapy. Participants acquire and learn to use potent new tools and develop active listening and powerful sharing skills to help them build confidence and overcome life’s anxieties.

“Shame is like layers of mud covering our essential goodness,” describes Allan. Shame is a fear-based emotion that makes us shut down rather than open up, compounding our suffering. Shame causes us to direct our negative focus inward and view our global self as unworthy, severely damaging our self-worth. Hilarapy was created to harness comedy as a therapeutic tool to shine a light on self-stigma and shame, explains Allan.

She took her shame to one of the biggest stages in the world. Her TED Talk, Transforming Your Shame into Comedy, shares her Cinderella story and reveals the transformative origin story of Hilarapy – a revolutionary new modality to help those dealing with the absurdity of the human condition.

Three things make Hilarapy work: A supportive community – to give us courage and catch us when we stumble; therapy to face the darkness; and comedy writing and performance techniques to share our humanity.

“Being vulnerable has power,” notes Allan, “it has impact and value. This is a vibrant and growing global ecosystem that is core to the human experience. Hilarapy creates a place for people to embrace who they are as individuals and share themselves in a healthy, supportive environment.”

Hilarapy offers a Free 45-minute Comedy Online Therapy Free Class – Using the Power of Therapeutic Comedy to Change Your World. Profound life-changing experiences occur when combining comedy and group therapy.

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