Reliable Medical Supply Launches Reusable Migraine, Sinus, Dental, TMJ Ice Pack

Reliable Medical Supply has introduced their newest Migraine, Sinus, Dental and TMJ Relief Hot and Cold Pack that helps relieve tension and migraine headaches, neck, facial, dental and jaw pain

ROGERS, AR: Reliable Medical Supply, a business in Rogers, AR, has announced the launch of their newest Reusable Ice Wrap Heat Pack, a Migraine, Sinus, Facial, Dental and TMJ Relief Hot and Cold Pack. These ice packs, that help relieve headaches, neck, facial, dental, and jaw pain, are currently available on Amazon where they have already gathered a lot of positive attention. Specifically, the particular features of Reliable Medical Supply’s proprietary gel bead technology, the pack’s design, and the premium materials used in construction are making this product stand out in the market.

Dr. Jeff says: “We are very proud of and happy with these ice wrap heat packs. Hot and Cold therapy has numerous health benefits, particularly in relation to decreasing inflammation and muscle spasm. We’re happy to see that so many people are enjoying the benefits of our newly designed packs.”

The cold and hot packs for headache pain relief are made of medical grade PVC plastic on one side and very comfortable plush material on the other. They have been designed to ensure that small joints, like wrists and ankles, remain at the optimal temperature with evenly distributed cold or heat during therapy. This has been found to help increase people’s mobility and reduce muscle tightness and pain much sooner than without this therapy, regardless of whether the condition that caused the pain was a stress/tension Headache, Neck strain with spasm, Sinus or Dental infection, or TMJ syndrome.

The reusable gel bead packs are designed to stay cold and hot longer than recommended by Medical Doctors.

You may want to stock up on two, so that you always have one available to use for either cold or hot therapy as needed.

People can use the PVC side of the Reusable Ice Wrap Heat Pack for really cold and very hot therapy and use the plush side for slightly less cold or hot therapy. Because of the ice pack’s flexibility even when frozen, it shapes and forms better to come in direct contact with skin, which helps people receive relief sooner.

Additionally, these packs have been constructed to last a lifetime and comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty, ensuring that people will never have to purchase another pack unless they want to have two they can use at the same time on different areas or give them as gifts.

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