Released New Podcast With Controversial Format

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Breaking convention, the 808 Podcast is 4 questions in 8:08 minutes because the internet loves short video content. It is informative and entertaining.

Announcing the 808 Podcast is where top CEOs, business owners & influencers share their insights. It breaks with convention with a format of only 4 questions in 8:08 minutes because the internet loves short video content. In addition, it has a fun side that leaves viewers amused. It has passed the 150 episodes mark and is still going strong.

The 808 Podcast is a short-form podcast instead of the traditional long-form podcast.

1. As a short podcast it is more concise – gets to the valuable information quickly. LinkedIn won’t even upload a video that is longer than 10 minutes.

2. Getting CEOs, Executives, and Influencers as guests – powerful, successful businesspeople are busy and make the most of their time; with 4 straightforward questions it is quick and easy prep.

3. Breaking with the norm, the podcast is totally focused on the guest looking good, not the host.

4. The audience loves having the actionable ideas and tips upfront making it easier to put it into use right away.

Expanding – The 808 Podcast is looking for guests that are business owners, CEOs, and executives of mid-size companies (50 or more employees or contractors). The prep is quick and easy to accommodate busy professionals.

Guests are loving that the podcast creates VIDEO content, in 15 minutes, that showcases them as the expert. Everyone appreciates that the episode is leveraged on social media and steaming sites.

Here is a secret… the format:

1. Guests introduce themselves in a few sentences.

2. Next, is the main part of the podcast where in about 5 minutes guests share their expertise with actionable steps on ‘how to fix a problem’ – focusing on the ‘how’ not the ‘why.’ This is what business owners and executives are looking for.

3. Also, guests give shoutouts to other top CEOs, founders, business owners, and executives that are successful, like them. They have found that everyone loves to get shoutouts on a podcast and it is fun to give them.

4. To wrap it all up and have some fun, guests share about their most epic sale. These are the wonderful stories that are so motivating and fun to hear.

The host, Bob Clark keeps everything moving and under 8 minutes and 8 seconds.

The latest episodes are available on YouTube and iTunes/Apple Podcasts.

Share the word and forward this info to any prospective guests.

The 808 Podcast breaks with convention and provides shareable, terrific content from outstanding people.

808 Podcast has done over 150 episodes and the host, Bob Clark, has done over 1500 podcast episodes himself. He is psyched about continuing to meet unique and successful people.

Release ID: 89050451