Relationship Training For Single Women – Expert Dating Strategy Program Launched

Illinois’ The Romance Dr has launched a new love and relationships advice program for single women who are struggling to find and keep the man of their dreams.

The Romance Dr, a relationships advice specialist based in Gurnee, Illinois, has announced the launch of a new romantic advice program for single women. The program, called Infatuation Scripts, has been designed to help single women hold onto the men they desire.

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The announcement coincides with the latest US Census data which indicated that about 50.2 percent of American adults are now single.

In a social climate in which it is harder than ever to find and keep a partner, The Infatuation Scripts is devoted to helping women find the right partner and ensure they are the only woman on his mind.

As such, their new Infatuation Scripts program covers a wide range of advice topics including why men give out mixed signals, the connection between infatuation and uncertainty, and the power of curiosity in relationships.

The Romance Dr’s new program has been developed to teach women the three essential elements needed to activate their partner’s infatuation instinct, as well as the common but harmful mistakes many women inadvertently make in relationships.

More specifically, Infatuation Scripts includes 96 word-for-word scripts that have been written to help guide women through a range of common and challenging relationship situations with the end goal of helping foster greater feelings of love, commitment, and infatuation.

The program is delivered across a range of modes including video and the scripts can be downloaded as an audiobook or on Kindle, iBook or PDF. Instant access to the program is currently available for US$49.95.

The Romance Dr was founded on the desire to improve the relationships of couples throughout the US and beyond. All of their programs and services operate on their core belief that all men and women deserve to be loved, valued, and desired.

A spokesperson for the organization said, “We aim to help everyone become a better version of themselves, by teaching them how best to communicate with the men/women of their desires and build and grow a prospective relationship. It’s all about understanding the other sex better and not only pinpointing but emphasizing characteristics within ourselves that others will find irresistible.”

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