Relationship Healing London Marriage Coaching Alternative Service Launched

A new alternative to traditional relationship coaching has been launched. Heart Wisdom Process can help clients to overcome old resentments, conditioned responses, power and control.

A new London-based alternative to traditional relationship coaching and counseling has been launched by Heart Wisdom Process. This is a unique Eastern approach to relationship healing for breakups, heartbreak pains, wounds, divorce, trauma, abuse and other struggles.

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The new service has been created to meet demand for emotional pain management and relationship growth. The aim of the service is to help ward off pain and potentially avoid years of suffering.

Heart Wisdom Process uses a proprietary methodology based on guided meditation and self healing practices. These can be used to resolve immediate relationship wounds and the deeper unconscious causes.

They are unconscious programs learned from early life, parents or ancestors. Those who are suffering are guided to become aware of how old programs are stored in the physical body, and how to release them permanently.

London residents and clients in the surrounding area can get in touch for a personalized approach to relationship coaching. The services are available for both individuals and couples and can help to heal toxic relationships.

When resentment brews in a marriage, it can be difficult for both sides to come to terms. The new service aims to provide methods for dealing with trust issues, jealousy, and fundamental problems that are causing relationship trouble.

The team behind the program explain that Heart Wisdom Relationship Coaching can be a highly effective alternative compared to traditional marriage and couples therapy. It teaches how to use body self-awareness and release painful triggers to move on from emotional burdens.

Other benefits include the fact that it can help patients to move on from old conditioned programs, painful experiences and traumas. They explain that the body holds old conditioning from the day that the person is born. Conditioning is a series of programs that run life on autopilot.

A spokesperson for the service states: “Your painful triggers can be released when expert coach guides to release old conditioning. When you are releasing old beliefs and behaviors, you will actually feel physical change and transformation.”

Heart Wisdom Process fully supports and deepens the effectiveness for a practitioner or instructor of Theta Healing, Yuen Method, Bodytalk, Psych-K, Access Consciousness, Emotion Code, Qigong, PEAT, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Somatic Therapy, Reiki spiritual healing, NLP, acupuncture, ancestral DNA healing, hypnotherapy, past lives regression, breathing techniques, yoga asanas, distance healing, and other mindfulness and energy medicine modalities.

This body of work serves as a bridge for learning and integrating holistic and spiritual concepts from best-selling authors and influencers such as Eckhart Tolle, Carl Jung, Byron Katie, Adyashanti, Louis Hay, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Donna Eden, Deepak Chopra, JP Sears, Gregg Braden, Lynn McTaggert, Don Miguel Ruiz, Thomas Huebl, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Matthew Hussey, Jay Shetty, and others. Key topics include addressing the emotional pain body, shadow work, spiritual awakening, suppressed emotions, and the dark night of the soul experiences.

Online coaches are available for Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge, West Brampton, City of Westminster, Belgravia, Notting Hill, St. James, Mayfair, Marylebone, Camden, Hyde Park, Hammersmith and Fulham, Richmond upon Thames, Wandsworth, Islington, Southwark, Lambeth, Barnet, and other boroughs.

Those wishing to find out more can visit their website on the link provided above.

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