Relationship Coach – Communication Counseling For Couples Online Sessions Launch

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Jimmie Stephens announces his updated relationship coaching sessions designed for couples struggling with communication, especially during the pandemic. The sessions are conducted via Zoom.

Multi-awarded relationship coach, Jimmie Stephens of The Good Life Speaking and Coaching, announces his updated classes for married couples. The School of Marriage & Relationships provides couples with the tools they need to communicate with each other in a healthy and respectful way.

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The updated classes help couples who are struggling with their relationship because of, or exacerbated by, the pandemic. Stephens says that more couples may be facing challenges in their partnership because they are not used to being with a person for the whole day, every day.

Research supports this. The latest psychological studies suggest that the pandemic has constrained more people to stay at home with their partners. However, the inability to go out combined with constantly being with one’s partner may cause some level of emotional distress. This distress may worsen if the couple cannot effectively communicate with each other.

Stephens developed his unique relationship coaching sessions to address this. His School of Marriage & Relationships supports couples through these difficult times and restores value and respect for each other. Unlike other relationship coaches, Stephens allows both parties to voice out their concerns and come up with solutions together.

Part of the coaching involves determining personal boundaries and how to manage them when both people are in the same home. The relationship expert says that despite the pandemic, couples need to understand and set their boundaries, especially when they live together.

The School of Marriage & Relationships is a month-long series of coaching. All sessions are conducted online via Zoom, meaning that couples nationwide can attend.

The updated relationship coaching sessions continue Jimmie Stephens’s mission of supporting couples with their relationship troubles and restoring their passion.

Jimmie Stephens is a professionally trained and experienced relationship and life coach. Aside from helping couples, he empowers individuals to reach their full potential.

A satisfied client wrote, “I’ve only been in one session with him but the first one is all you’ll need to know he’s not only a professional but a kind warm-hearted man.”

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