Relationship Advice Study Claims Higher Education in Women No Longer a Significant Factor in Divorce

Higher education in women is no longer as great a factor in divorce today as it was before the 1980s, says a new report published recently on the American Sociological Review.

Orlando, Florida, US – August 15th, 2014 /PressCable/

New ASA Report Shows Women More Highly Educated than Their Husbands Are Now No Longer More Likely to Get Divorced

A report published in the August 2014 issue of the American Sociological Review, a journal published by the American Sociological Association, states that women who are more educated than their husbands are no longer more likely to end their marriage than women who are equally or less educated than their spouses.

The report's authors, Christine Schwartz of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Hongyun Han of Northwestern University, looked at marriage data from 1950 to 2004. They found that while divorce rates are higher for couples married in the 1950s to the 1970s where the wife is more educated than the husband, higher education for women did not factor as greatly for divorces among couples married in the 1980s and onwards.

Denise McCarthy, spokesperson for, says the ASA report “opens doors towards understanding why divorce rates are high and why couples divorce in the first place.”

“Marriages today work on an altogether different dynamic compared to marriages made by our parents' and grandparents' generation,” states McCarthy. “For one, women are no longer expected to stay at home and become the exclusive caretaker of the household. For another, the idea of ‘househusbands' is unheard of when our parents and grandparents were younger.”

The authors of the ASA report additionally claim that their study is merely a first look on the relationship between earnings, gender and divorce. Schwartz and Han admit more research is needed for to create a better picture of how a marriage is affected by a woman's education and earnings today. is an information resource that specializes in giving specific relationship advice for both men and women, as well as long distance relationship advice. For more information, please email Denise McCarthy at or visit

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