Reggae-Rock Dance Duo Orisha Sound Talks About Self Love With New Single Launch

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International music duo, Orisha Sound, release their latest single “Bring the Fire” to inspire people to embrace their inner strength despite, and perhaps because, of the current world climate.

Musical duo, Orisha Sound, announces their latest single, “Bring the Fire”, which encourages listeners to take risks and live their lives to their full potential. The pair has made waves in the music industry with their distinctive sounds that combine elements of reggae, world, and dancehall.

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The new single was written in response to the current health crisis the negative effects it has had around the world. The international music team, composed of multi-awarded Jamaican producer Shel-K and child-prodigy American virtuoso Orisha, believe that people need to be reminded of their inner strength and learn how to dance away their pain and fears.

Bring the Fire was written in Kingston, Jamaica, and was initially an experiment of various sounds the pair wanted to try for their future tracks. Orisha Sound originally wrote several versions of the song, from acoustic to trap-style to reggae-rock to electronic dance, with the pair ultimately deciding on a more upbeat, club-ready version with some musical inspirations from Avicii and Major Lazer.

The new single features a clean production style with a bouncy bassline. While more suitable for a night out, the pair says that their song can be listened to anywhere, by anyone wanting to uplift their spirits. Orisha Sound emphasizes the importance of self-love, especially at this time, with such lyrics as “No time to waste on any negative thoughts- we need energy to survive.”

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Orisha Sound released their debut studio album, “Fire N Ice” in February 2019 and has since released several singles, including the critically acclaimed track, “World War Three” featuring Beenie Man. Because of its unique blend of musical styles, all the band’s singles have achieved consistent airplay in the UK, U.S., Jamaican, African, and Russian radio stations.

Critics have labeled the pair as a force to be reckoned with, with the duo making appearances on many international television shows such as BBC Breakfast, Moscow Kremlin, and London Live, among others.

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