Regenerating Dry Face Oil – Hydrating Mature Skin/Eczema Organic Formula Launch

GOGE Lifestyle, a company that makes spa-grade organic skincare products, has announced the launch of Regenerating Age-Defying Oil, which assists in regenerating the skin’s protective barrier and restoring its optimum hydration levels.

The company’s new offering, which complements its entire product line of gels, serums, and creams, improves the flexibility and elasticity of the skin to provide individuals more comfort and a feeling of well-being.

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GOGE Lifestyle’s new formulation provides daily protection against external stimuli such as sun and wind and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation spots. Suitable for dry, sensitive, and mature skin – as well as symptoms of eczema – it gives the skin a more unified, youthful, and vital complexion.

The global skincare market is expected to rise from just over $100 billion in 2021 to almost $150 billion by 2028. As people spend increasing amounts of time indoors due to the ongoing pandemic, consumer behaviour has shifted accordingly as people spend more on self-care. Moreover, health consciousness has driven the demand for organic skincare products. While the U.S. and China are the two largest markets, Canada – along with Germany and Japan – is one of the fastest-growing at almost 8% annually.

Non-comedogenic and dermatology tested, Regenerating Age-Defying Oil should be applied evenly to the face and neck, followed by the GOGE cream targeting the individual’s skin type. The company’s blog further recommends the layering of skincare products one after another in a specific order, a technique is used by skincare professionals to maximize the absorption and effectiveness of each application while promoting hydration and overall radiance of the skin.

Additional offerings by GOGE Lifestyle include Radiant Eye Contour Cream, Deep Exfoliating Gel, and Skin Perfection Vitamin C Serum. None of the company’s products are tested on animals, and all are gluten-free and non-GMO.

GOGE Lifestyle is founded by a licensed esthetician, who lives with chronic eczema coupled with skin sensitivity. In an effort to overcome and better understand her own skin conditions, she has participated in numerous studies, research initiatives, and product testings. The result is an entire spa-grade product line that uses organic/ non-harmful ingredients and leaves the individual’s skin soft, supple, and radiant.

One customer commented: “I have been using the Vitamin C Serum together with this Regenerating Oil for about a month. My skin has been becoming brighter, smoother, softer, and firmer. I have a lot of dark spots on my face, they are lighter now.”

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