Refresh Your Indoor Air With The Warm Heart Of The Himalayan Salt Lamp

Useful Innovation, an air purifier company, has launched a new Himalayan salt lamp for home owners to buy. They are decorative items that can be used to light and purify the home, made from elegant materials.

Air purifier company Useful Innovation has launched a new Himalayan salt lamp in the form of a double heart on Amazon. The Himalayan rock crystal salt lamp can increase negative ions in the air helping to increase energy levels, improve mood, sleep quality and remove air pollutants. Available on Amazon at:

The smell in the air and the feeling people experience when it rains or when they’re in close proximity to a waterfall is largely caused by negative ions and these negative ions not only make people feel good, they can also help to take fine particles and pollution out of the air. Negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron created by a combination of water, air, and the Earth’s natural levels of radiation. These negatively charged ions occur most commonly near moving water or when it rains. More information can be found on the company website at:

The new Himalayan salt lamp works to create negative ions because the warm temperature of the salt created by the light bulb in the lamp launches the water back into the air, where the negative ions cause fine particles and pollutants to clump together. These clumps are then too heavy to float so the pollutants drop out of the air.

Beyond reducing pollutants in the air negative ions also help to improve mood, increase energy levels and promote better sleep.

The double heart Himalayan salt lamp is also a decorative item. Each lamp is attractively hand carved made of mineral rich pollution free rock salt that is often millions of years old. They come mounted on an elegant Neem wood base. Available on Amazon at:

To increase convenience the lamp comes with a six foot cord, so that they can be used as table lamps, where a dimmer givers the user full control over the brightness. More information on the lamp is available at the link above.

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