Refinished Bath Solutions: The Safer DIY Choice For Bathroom Refinishing

Taking shortcuts can lead to undesirable outcomes. Refinished Bath Solutions proudly offers innovative ways to quickly and easily enhance bathroom safety while increasing the aesthetic of tired, worn spaces.

Refinished Bath Solutions – When it comes to safely approaching a DIY bath refinishing project, there are several considerables at hand. From the application process to how the finished work performs, taking shortcuts often leads to undesirable results. For instance, recent numbers show that nearly 71,000 Americans visit the ER each year due to a slip and fall accident in the shower or tub. Thus, preventing these types of accidents should always be one of the principal elements within the ‘after’ considerables.

Refinished Bath Solutions proudly offers property management and residential customers an easy to apply, durable product that provides the ultimate in slip and fall protection. The Pabrec Ekopel 2k based product combined with a non-slip kit is a two-part epoxy that is poured onto the bathtub floor. The innovative materials within the product enable the user to easily create a permanent texture with a foam roller that lasts between five and ten years. Furthermore, with the option of having tinting applied, Ekopel 2k provides a uniform appearance without the need to replace the existing structure. Easy application, ultimate safety, and environmentally friendly – what more could one possibly ask for in a refinishing product?

Although Refinished Bath Solutions’ innovative products require little elbow grease, a more straightforward solution is ideal for some. If this sounds familiar, the Original Refinished Bath Mat may be the perfect solution. Safe for all ages, the reversible suction cups prevent damage to refinished and recast bathtubs. Washable and resistant to mold and soap scum, this mat also provides the ultimate underfoot comfort.

Refinished Bath Solutions was founded in 2016 by Patrick Foley. Located in Hollis, NH, the company provides unique refinishing solutions for bathtubs, showers, in-ground pools, spas, sinks, and so much more. With a dedication to the user experience and the environment, the solutions offered by Refinished Bath Solutions are eco and family-friendly with low VOCs.

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