Reduce Hunger Pangs Sugar Cravings Practical Weight Management Guide Launched

A new online guide has been launched covering 19 practical tips and advice on how to control hunger pangs. It’s ideally suited to readers looking to lose weight and improve their health.

A new online guide has been launched giving invaluable advice on how to control hunger pangs. The Fitness Fahrenheit guide covers 19 practical ways to control hunger cravings and help people of all ages stick to their healthy eating plans or help achieve their weight loss goals.

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A practical tip contained in the guide is the importance of having a good, protein-rich breakfast. This has been shown in clinical studies to significantly reduce hunger cravings throughout the day.

Another strategy is to drink plenty of water. Dieticians recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water throughout the day. This not only cleanses the digestive system, it helps people feel better in themselves and keeps the body hydrated.

The guide also explains the close correlation between good, restful sleep and hunger. Sleep controls two hunger hormones, leptin and ghrelin. When levels of these hormones are high, people feel hungry and when they are low, they do not get cravings.

Intermittent fasting is also recommended as a proven way to control hunger. This technique has become popular in recent years but is essentially part of human evolution. The aim is to break the habit of regular mealtimes by introducing regular periods of fasting.

Several techniques are popular, including the 16:8 method, which is considered the easiest to adopt. Other methods, which include not eating for a full 24 hours, the eat-stop-eat technique, once or twice a week can demand a lot more willpower.

Working out before meals is also a proven way to control hunger. This can be as easy as simply adjusting the workout routine to fit in with an eating schedule rather than a work schedule. Others choose to try dietary supplements.

Spinach extract has been shown to reduce chocolate and sugary food cravings by as much as 90%. Probiotics that help to boost friendly gut bacteria not only help to keep the gut healthy, they have also been shown to have beneficial effects on hunger craving.

Other dietary adjustments known to help reduce cravings include a fibre-rich diet and ensuring an adequate intake of magnesium. Many vegetables are rich in this essential mineral.

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