Reduce Electricity Bills & Energy Usage Power Saver 1200 Free Guide Launched

Energy efficiency and power saving unit for homes and businesses, Power Saver 1200, is offering a free energy saving guide, Keeping Your Home Energy Efficient, newly available on its website,

A free energy saving guide, “Keeping Your Home Energy Efficient”, is now available on the Power Saver 1200 website, a product that renders motorized electronics equipment more energy efficient and cheaper to run in a safe and legal manner.

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Founder of Power Saver 1200, Glenn Hough, knows from experience that power plants have been using power saving technology to make energy grids more efficient, allowing them to serve more customers with improved services and earn higher profits. The Power Saver 1200 device works on the exact same principle using the same technology, to help business and residences save on their power bills also.

Power Saver 1200 is said to be able to make home and business appliances and motorized equipment up to 25 percent more energy efficient. In fact, the Power Saver 1200 device is highly recommended for business and commercial use, because having more, and harder working, appliances means significantly more energy to be saved.

Residences are estimated to save anywhere from $20 – $50 plus dollars a month off their electricity bills whilst businesses can save as much as 28 percent off their monthly energy bills, which is quite a significant saving if the monthly bills reach over $1,000. Power save 3 phase units are available for commercial use and are suitable for: stores, restaurants, offices factories and any property with 3 phase electricity.

Typically, the following types of equipment can benefit from a Power Saver 1200 installation, in becoming more energy efficient and expending less electricity: refrigeration units; central air conditioning, heating and climate control units; washers, dryers; and fans.

The Power Saver 1200 device may also assist with extending the lifespan of the equipment it helps to make more energy efficient, as well as acting as a surge protector for appliances and motors in the home or workplace from electricity surges and spikes.

The Power Saver 1200 home and commercial equipment units are 100 percent made in the United States and are UL and CuL listed, and come with: installation instructions and wiring diagram; liquid-tite conduit and connector so that installations meet the NEC safety code; free priority mail shipping anywhere within the US; a 100 percent, 365 day satisfaction money-back guarantee; and a 20-year written warranty against workmanship and product defects.

The Power Saver 1200 online store is a BBB Accredited Business, an active Honest Online member and PayPal verified as well as accepting purchases on all major credit cards.

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