Redmond WA Insurance Consultation Expert Live Quote Virtual Meeting Launched

Consultation sessions for life insurance coverage qualifications are being offered by Crystal Hinojosa. The licensed broker seeks to advise on the value of life insurance after one passes away.

Licensed insurance broker Crystal Hinojosa has announced the availability of her 15-minute consultation session. The reason for the sessions is to create awareness of the benefits of life insurance.

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The recently announced consultation sessions will help potential clients to find life insurance that is suitable to their needs and budget in Redmond, WA. The insurance agent’s services are also extended to the surrounding areas, including Seattle.

According to a Barometer Insurance study conducted by LIMRA, about 60% of all individuals residing in the United States were covered by some form of life insurance. Of this percentage, one in five reported dissatisfaction with their coverage.

It is a fact that life insurance ranks higher above all other forms of insurance. A study by shows that more than 40% of the American population have no insurance policy with which they can take care of their loved ones in the event of their death.

“If you have a house, you must have home insurance. With a car, you must have car insurance. If you need healthcare, you must have health insurance. The same cannot be said about life insurance,” Crystal surmised on her web page.

She points out that one of the reasons why life insurance is a valuable asset to possess is because it offers protection to one’s family and home should one suddenly pass away. As such, she advocates that individuals apply for life insurance as a means of preventing their families from encountering financial hardship. For more details, please visit

Many stand to both benefit or suffer depending on the availability of life insurance or lack thereof. Among them are one’s spouse, children, disabled family members, aging parents, or any other dependent. These dependents should be motivation for getting life insurance.

It is based on these studies as well as the value of life insurance that the licensed insurance broker is offering her consultation sessions, which will be held via Zoom. Individuals will have the opportunity to ask questions and air their concerns while at the same time receive a quote from the agent.

Interested parties can click on the link above for more details or schedule the 15-minute virtual consultation to get qualified for coverage by visiting

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