Redding Carpet Cleaners Deep Cleaning Fast Drying Pet Safe Service Released

A Redding carpet cleaning company released a new service that offers a faster, deeper clean than the traditional carpet wand. It kills germs and used biodegradable products that are safe for people and pets.

A carpet cleaning company in Redding, California, has introduced a new tool that transforms how residential and commercial carpets can be cleaned. High Performance Floor Restorations use advanced technology from Rotovac that offers a deeper clean than the traditional carpet wand, and allows carpet to dry much faster.

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High Performance Floor Restorations solves many of the problems home and business owners face by using a ground breaking low moisture method of cleaning, allowing carpets to dry in one–two hours. The products are all eco friendly, non toxic and biodegradable, and won’t harm anyone living in the house or their pets. This new process results in fantastic cleaning results, with the best soil and spot removal without wetting or damaging the floor or leaving sticky, dirt-attracting residue behind.

Carpets act like air filters, collecting dust mites and allergens from the air and dirt, dust and even mold from people walking across them continuously. Because of this, it’s important to clean both residential and commercial carpets instead of just smartening them up with a vacuum cleaner.

When High Performance Floor Restorations cleans a carpet, it uses hot water extraction or steam cleaning to ensure a thorough clean throughout the customer’s home. The process kills germs and bacteria, ensuring each carpet is safe as well as clean.

The Redding carpet cleaning specialists also offer a range of other cleaning services, from rejuvenating upholstery – which gets rid of dirt and grime in the material’s fibres – to cleaning kitchen floors, entrance halls, counter tops, garages and more.

Visitors to the Cleaning Carpet in Redding website will find a detailed breakdown of the cleaning process, as well as live video of the products in action. The results range from brick surfaces to slate, marble, travertine, concrete and ceramic.

Redding residents who need their houses cleaned can get a free quote before committing simply by getting in touch. High Performance Floor restorations is available at: (530) 941-8942

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