Rectal Thermometer for Babies and Kids Launched

Enji Prime updated its successful Enji Family Thermometer to provide a medical-grade temperature measurement tool that can be safely used on adults, babies and even pets.

Enji Prime, a company specializing in high-quality gadgets and consumer products, released an updated version of its popular Enji Family Digital Thermometer. Designed for medical-grade accuracy, the thermometer can be used to take the underarm, oral or rectal temperature.

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The newly released version of the popular thermometer allows users to take accurate temperature readings in just 10 seconds, making it much more effective than standard rectal thermometers.

The Enji Prime thermometer features medical-grade temperature reading technology to ensure that all readings are as accurate as possible.

For maximum comfort and ease of use, the tip is soft and flexible, and the thermometer can be easily cleaned for repeated use.

Due to its shape and features, it can be safely used on adults, babies and even pets. To ensure that its customers get accurate temperature readings, Enji Prime offers a lifetime accuracy guarantee.

The newly updated thermometer can be switched between Fahrenheit and Celsius modes, and it features an integrated low-level beep to warn the user when the reading is complete.

The Enji Family thermometer has been highly appreciated for its robustness, ease of use and high accuracy, with an Amazon score of 4.5/5 out of more than 298 customer ratings.

A satisfied customer said: “This thermometer is very simple and easy to use. It also seemed to be accurate. I tested its accuracy against the professional thermometer at the medical facility I work at, and both temperatures read the same numbers. In addition, the alarm is very soft. Overall, this is a good thermometer if you are looking for a very simple, accurate, and affordable thermometer.”

With the recent announcement, Enji Prime continues to invest in the development of high-quality consumer products for customers throughout the world.

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Rectal Thermometer

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