Recreational Marijuana Tourism Attracts Baby Boomers To Hollywood California

Over 110.9 million Americans over 50 are expected to be using marijuana and many of them are making their way to Hollywood California to experience the glitz and glamour of tinsel town while scoring it big at trendy Los Angeles cannabis dispensaries.

When it comes to recreational marijuana tourism in Colorado, Hollywood California is becoming the preferred destination with Baby Boomers who want the glitz and glamour of tinsel town while scoring it big at the trendy Los Angeles cannabis dispensaries.

Who better to know than seasoned Limousine driver Jodi Hans owner of Hollywood Luxury Tour. Mr. Hans has driven limousines on and off in Los Angeles for nearly 20 years. In addition to wanting to see the usual Hollywood attractions, more and more baby boomers are requesting a quick stop at a local medical marijuana dispensary.

“Forty percent of my clients are baby boomers”, says Hans.

“…And word has spread that I’m the guy that knows which dispensaries offer a choice selection of weed, the tastiest edibles and the most freebies. On top of this I know which dispensaries offer the best free consultation on the massive variety of new weed strains. A lot of these new strains require only one or two hits. It’s not like the brown weed from the sixties so I try and make sure my clients get the knowledge they need when dealing with such exotic super pot.”

According to Hans, marijuana dispensary request happen so often it’s become routine for him to drop clients off at a top dispensary and afterwards spend an afternoon touring Hollywood landmarks and attractions from movie star estates to a trip to the Getty Museum, Griffith Observatory or other popular L.A. locations.

To accommodate his many request, Hans had created the website Hollywood Luxury tour. The website makes it more convenient for clients to spread the word about his Hollywood Tours to their friends.

For the record, Hans states he’s not advocating recreational use of marijuana, he simply accepts and understands his clients are getting the medicine they need as prescribed by a medical professional.

“Reality is I’m just a limousine driver following my client’s requests and giving them the best high-end service along the way.”

Another reason his service is becoming so popular is because clients ride in Luxury. Every tour is conducted discreetly from one of his fleet of Black SUV’s or stretch limousines. Sight seers no longer have to feel silly riding in an open top tour bus with hokey signs and movie ads plastered all over it. This added discretion and luxury have become a distinctive trademark of the Hollywood 420 tour.

“When my clients arrive at a destination in my Limousine, on-lookers think they’re rock-stars or foreign dignitaries. It’s a classy, fun, yet low-key way to sight-see in L.A. Not to mention, what happens on the tour, stays on the tour”

When asked if he allows his clients to smoke weed in his cars, the answer is no. The dispensaries he takes them to have smoking Lounges. Hans position is that he is just a hired driver. What the client does inside is entirely their business. When his clients are in his Limo, it becomes his job to see to it they experience the best Hollywood has to offer, eat the best munchies and have memories to take home they’ll cherish. ———————————–

Jodi Hans, a professional limousine driver offers Hollywood 420 Luxury Tours. His tours are by invitation only. To get on his exclusive list for an invitation to one of the upcoming tours go to

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