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Business strategist and coach Leonardo Schwartz has announced today the launch of his completely redesigned website featuring his flagship 1-on-1 coaching programs and consulting services.

Experienced business strategist and marketing expert Leonardo Schwartz has announced today the launch of his completely redesigned website at

Asked about what’s new, Leonardo says that for years he has had some of his best programs scattered over different websites and domains, which would make more difficult that it should be for clients to compare his offerings and pick the one program that’s more suitable for their unique business situation.

Leonardo also clarifies that even when he has been known for the last 16 years primarily as a business strategist and marketing consultant, he also has a computer science background, and over the last year he went into building 2 successful SAAS products on his own, gaining invaluable insight into how the software business operates.

Because of that experience, Leonardo decided to add Software Consulting to his catalog of consulting services.

“When you start working on a Software-As-A-Service product, you don’t know what you don’t know”, says Leonardo, “and this leads to wasting tons of time and resources just to find what the right technology stack for your project is”.

While building Mug Samurai ( from scratch, Leonardo took notes of all intricacies that go into deciding on things like what programming language to use, what framework, what libraries are best suited for each kind of project, and so on.

A full list of these question that Leonardo says any future SAAS founder should get a fair answer to before writing the first line of code, can be found here:

Beyond business and software consulting, Leonardo offers a wide variety of one-on-one Coaching programs in subjects like Webinar design, High-Ticket Offer design and strategy, Public Speaking and even professional copy critiques.

Asked about his motivation behind making all these programs accessible in one place he says that, after going into what he calls “semi-retirement mode” back in 2016, he has made a real effort to shut down all products and services under his brand that he considers “no essential”, in order to re-focus on his passion, which is helping people grow in their monetary and location freedom.

The programs he selected to be part of Leonardo Schwartz’ brand going forward are the result of this careful filtering process.

“I’m aware that many people cannot afford my one-on-one coaching programs”, adds Leonardo. “Truth be told, they’re not intended to the general public, but have been specifically designed for business people who already have something going on, but want to take it to the next level”.

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