Recently Released Psychological Thriller Book Series

Author Aidyn Corday announced the release of her new psychology book series, "The Watcher of Westbrook." The Granvilles' perfect family home is terrorized by an unseen force committed to a campaign of terror. A free book promotion for the series begins July 15th, 2020.

Award-winning author, Aidyn Corday, announced the launch of her first fiction psychological thriller book series, “The Watcher of Westbrook” accompanied with a special free e-book promotion.

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Author Aidyn Corday is a psychotherapist, adjunct professor, and acclaimed non-fiction writer. With over twenty years of experience working in the field of psychiatry and addiction, she has a unique perspective on weaving psychopathology into stories that entertain and thrill readers.

Her recently released book series, “The Watcher of Westbrook”, follows the Granville family as they settle into an idyllic home on the coast of Maine. But they soon discover the house has deadly secrets. The home is carefully guarded by a mysterious killer who leads the Granvilles through a campaign of terror.

Spanning decades and generations, “The Watcher of Westbrook” is a spine-tingling story of one family’s battle with a shadowy psychopath. “The Watcher of Westbrook” is a five-part book series inspired by true events. Expertly blending captivating psychological suspense, shocking twists, and treacherous turns, author Aidyn Corday has crafted a thrilling journey into terror.

To celebrate the launch of “The Watcher of Westbrook” series, a three-day free book promotion is being offered. Book one of “The Watcher of Westbrook” series is available free beginning July 15th. The promotion ends July 17th, 2020.

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When she heard, “an update on the Westfield Watcher case up next,” Aidyn Corday was inspired to look into the infamous East Coast legend and write about the case. The result is her new suspenseful series, “The Watcher of Westbrook.” The books are binge-able psychology writing and the perfect escape into summer suspense.

Readers will enjoy the pace of the novels and their realism being written by a psychotherapist and adjunct professor.

More information on the series and the special free e-book promotion are available at the URL above.

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