Recently Launched Tee Advantage Software Aims to Leverage eMarketer’s Recent Estimates

Newly released Tee Advantage system aims to capitalize on eMarketer's recent estimates of social media advertising spend in 2015.

Tee Advantage, which officially went live just a few days ago, has created controversy in the internet marketing industry by making bold claims of being a ‘unique’ t-shirt marketing system with an innovative viral component that is not commonplace in the industry. According to eMarketer’s recent announcement, advertisers will spend $23.68 billion worldwide to reach consumers on social media in 2015, representing a 33.5% increase over the 2014 figure.

Hanif Quentino, founder of eMarketingChamps, has released a complete guide and premium bonus for the Tee Advantage training system and software, which can be viewed on his site:

Tee Advantage is an entire system focused on selling simple t-shirts via Facebook marketing, which includes the paid advertising platform as well as viral traffic generation strategies.

Tee Advantage aims to capitalize on eMarketer’s recent announcement through the following modules and mechanism:

Viral Advantage Software: This software claims to be 100% compliant with Facebook’s rules and it aids in multiplying existing traffic by encouraging people to share posts & images with their family and friends.

Top 50 Campaigns: The creator of the system is also revealing 50 of his top campaigns that have performed for him at a high level. These campaigns are meant for beginners to see positive results in a short amount of time.

The 7-Figure Blueprint: Within this blueprint, the creator overs the strategies he used to reach 7-figures in revenue, which revolve around the building of very large fan pages that generate a lot of viral activity.

Fast Start Guide: This shows aspiring t-shirt marketers the step-by-step process that is personally used by the creator of Tee Advantage. It also contains checklists and accountability indicators to help people stay on track.

Adrian Morrison, the creator of Tee Advantage, has been featured on National Television for his social media marketing strategies, having successfully monetized Facebook for well over a decade. He is also one of the top performers at – a major t-shirt selling platform.

According to Adrian, the main appeal for selling T-Shirts comes from the fact that the individual doesn’t have to make the shirt, doesn’t have to ship it, doesn’t have to process orders, doesn’t need to develop websites nor perform any customer service. In Adrian’s perspective, this business has a very low barrier to entry.

Hanif Quentino is a traffic and conversion expert, having achieved numerous successes on Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank and JVZoo. He also runs a local marketing business and regularly publishes in-depth reviews and premium bonuses for the latest internet marketing products.

Hanif’s complete Tee Advantage guide, along with his premium ‘fast traffic’ bonus, can be see on this site:

The main aim is to provide a more objective perspective on the newly released Tee Advantage system and assess the accuracy of some of the claims, as well as offer drawbacks and disadvantages as well.

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