Recent Webinar on Direct Marketing is Changing Business Fortunes – Free Replay Available

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Direct Marketing has been the bedrock of effective advertising for years, yet business owners and entrepreneurs today ignore it and it's costing them dearly. Brian Conway, in this free webinar, takes trainees through 5 steps to attracting more ideal clients:

Direct Marketing, sometimes referred to Direct Response Marketing, has for more than a hundred years been the bedrock of effective advertising, yet most business owners and entrepreneurs today ignore it and it’s costing them dearly.

Thinking that the new Social Media platforms are the panacea of lead generation and client attraction, Direct Marketing has for a number of years become like a lost treasure. But it’s still there to be discovered and will change the fortunes of those who find it.

Brian Conway, from Sales Without Selling, recently released a replay of a client training webinar, that shows how businesses could double, triple or even quadruple the effectiveness of all their advertising, including social media, if they take advantage of Direct Marketing.

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The World’s experts on this subject, people like Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham, are professed to have generated millions of dollars for their clients using this simple but highly underutilized marketing and lead generation principle, yet most businesses choose to ignore it’s power and effectiveness.

Many believe that it’s old fashioned and doesn’t work any more. Many are ignorant to the fact that this type of marketing exists as they’ve never been schooled on the subject. Whatever the reason, it’s losing them money. A business owner’s leads, sales, profits and even income could potentially increase dramatically with some minor tweaks to their advertising strategies and the application of Direct Marketing in their business.

It’s accepted that business owners must take advantage of the latest social media to generate leads and new sales opportunities, but not at the expense of the most effective form of marketing ever!

Direct Marketing follows proven principles. It leverages the most fundamental attributes of human psychology. It allows a marketing message to stand out from crowd of over 4000 marketing messages we see each and every day. It compels prospective customers to take action and reach out to the advertiser, breaking the restraints of advert apathy.

This now publicly available webinar walks its’ viewers through the 5-steps of implementing a Direct Marketing strategy for any business. Step-by-step it explains the principles and actions for implementation, with worked examples for different types of businesses. Any business seeking to attract more clients and improve their marketing ROI (and without having to work harder), should take advantage of this 55-minute complementary webinar.

Direct Marketing works. Many think it’s a luxury of the large corporates and demands large advertising budgets, but as this webinar explains, it’s purely a luxury of those in the know and it’s there for all to be discovered.

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