Recent Study Shows Forty Percent of Workplace Injuries Involving Tools Are Attributed to Utility Knives

Utility knives are one of the most valuable tools in the toolbox. However, the care taken and the quality of utility knives can help to reduce as much as 40% of workplace accidents that involve tools and utility knives.

Los Angeles, CA – May 13, 2015 – A recent business study just out, shows that of all the workplace injuries that involve tools, the utility knife, which is one of the most useful tools in the toolbox, is also responsible for up to forty percent of the associated injuries. It turns out that people assume the knives aren’t as sharp as they really are, and then they take chances with them that lead to the injuries. Or, an employer buys low quality knives that lead to injuries.

For instance, when using a utility knife, people should never cut with the knife facing towards them, work with a dull blade because more pressure if required to make a cut, try to cut more than the knife is designed for, hand it to another employee with the blade facing out, or store the knife without first retracting the blade. In addition, employees should inspect the knife before they use it to ensure that it isn’t defective or broken. But many employees make all of these mistakes when handling utility knives, and workplace injuries can be the result of these errors.

A spokesman from MJH Innovations, a seller of safe, good quality heavy duty utility knives that have an all stainless steel ratchet auto-lock slider built into them, says that employers can take steps to ensure that workplace accidents involving utility knives don’t happen. “For starters,” he says, “Employers should never give their workers cheap knifes to work with because they may contribute to accidents. Utility knife owners should make sure the knives they buy are made of strong durable materials, and have snap off blades because those two factors alone will reduce many workplace accidents.”

And employers should take heed because the true cost of workplace accidents are sky high. Some of the things employers will face financially if their employee is injured with a utility knife is a rise in insurance premiums, the potential loss of an employee and the costs of hiring and retraining another one, the cost of repairing any equipment that was damaged during the accident, medical expenses, and possible worker’s compensation costs.

According to PBS, smaller firms have a disproportionate amount of workplace injuries, and the amount of direct and indirect expenses related to them is $155.5 billion. To avoid these costs, and the low employee morale that occurs after a workplace accident, employers should do all they can to ensure their employees are trained in how to safely use a utility knife, purchase only high quality utility knives, and then make sure the knifes are maintained with sharp blades and no broken or defective parts.

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