Recent Research Shows ELN Market is Projected to Increase 7% and value $600m+

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Recent research shows boom in the electronic lab notebook industry - leading provider Exemplar ELN talk about what an ELN is, the pros and cons of their software and more.

Recent research conducted by a 3rd party research company has revealed that the Electronic Lab Notebooks market is set to boom, with a massive CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 7% and the industry is set to be worth a whopping $642.3m by the year 2025 and the market is already dominated by multiple solutions which meet the mark already. Exemplar ELN, one of the leading ELN solutions available at the moment dominates the competition because they fix a common problem with ELN software, people who purchase ELNs are put off by the complexity of the software, as some scientists can’t understand it and usually require training before they can use it however, Exemplar ELN has developed their solution with scientists in mind, so they can go about their experiments immediately without prior training.

Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) are used to render laboratory work more comfortable, more reliable and more reproducible both in academic groups and in industries. They help the user manage their work by providing features such as mixing data, team, inventory and project management with experimental records. After a few years, the ELN has advanced from experimental technology to the mainstream chemical informatics laboratory network, which is being implemented for transformational purposes.

One of the main factors attributing to the overall increase in the electric lab notebook industry is the increase in the number of R&D related activities and rising automation within the laboratory environment. There is also a more growing focus on efficient data management within various application industries, advancements in technology and rising pressure from regulatory compliance. In addition to this there are rising needs for more simplified data management and the ability to archive and track scientific data further supports the boom in this market. However, factors like resistance for technology adoption among laboratory professionals, constrained budgets, and data privacy & security concerns are likely to hamper market growth. In addition, a rapid shift towards cloud-based ELN across the globe and the emerging economies’ increasing adoption of ELN will provide significant opportunities in this market.

When it comes to choosing an ELN it’s worth noting the features provided and making sure they are fit for purpose. One major advancement recent comes from Exemplar ELN. Who are proud to boast that they are the only ELN that supports any number of scientists working on the same Experiment at the same time. The original author of an experiment can designate other scientists to collaborate with them on their experiment.

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