Recent Innovations Shaping the Future of Cloud Computing Technologies

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Cloud computing blog publishes information about recent innovations which are shaping the future of cloud-based technologies

Speaking of Clouds is a website which recently published a press release regarding to opening of their website (see the original PR here: URL) are a website that aims to assist businesses, organisations and general end-users understand cloud computing and the options available to them and earlier today they laid emphasis on how the future of cloud computing is bright and filled to the brim with innovations.

A good example of innovation within cloud computing that happened In recent weeks was Amazon’s 10th re:Invent conference. This annual event was hosted in Las Vegas and attended by the industry’s top IT execs and technical decision-makers. Amazon Web Services CEO Adam Selipsky revealed more information about advancements with effortless machine learning models, fortified artificial intelligence and use of accelerated chips.

A comment made in regards to this by Selipsky was: “[W]e’re making it even easier to prepare and gather data for machine learning to train models faster and expand machine learning to an even broader audience,” Selipsky said. “It’s really going to enable a whole new group of users to leverage their data and to use machine learning to create new business insights.”

In addition to these innovations, Amazon also announced they’re dipping their toes into the quantum computing space, by unveiling their AWS cloud quantum addition known as Braket – which essentially allows users to write quantum algorithms and lease time on quantum processors.

For now, this new quantum technology hasn’t got the ability to integrate into many other available tools, making its current capabilities somewhat limited, however as the technology grows in both popularity and accessibility it is highly likely that this technology will gain more traction in the integration department.

To summarize, cloud computing is starting to play a part within people’s day-to-day lives, with many services being reliant on cloud technology. As the years go on and innovations advance further, it’s not crazy to believe that the reliance on cloud will be just as rife, if not more than it is already today.

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