Recent Evidence Suggests Yoga Helps Expecting Mothers To Reduce Stress

In the past, expectant mothers were told to stay away from practicing yoga. All that has changed as new research finds that gentle yoga stretches and deep breathing techniques can help reduce stress for a woman entering motherhood.

Los Angeles, California – May 9, 2017

New research points out that yoga has the potential to help mothers who are feeling anxious about their pregnancy. For a long time, women have been warned about certain yoga poses while pregnant. However, new research suggests some poses are safer than once thought. Of course women always need to consult with their doctor before starting a yoga program while pregnant, but gentle prenatal yoga exercises can provide amazing health benefits during and after pregnancy.

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Simple yoga breathing techniques such as inhaling slowly through the nose and out through the mouth while keeping the shoulders relaxed works to help expectant mothers stay calm and relaxed. Relaxing by concentrating the mind on one thing is often used in yoga and helps during strong labor pains.

Going into labor in good shape can help pregnant women manage their pain while in labor, and to recover quicker. Yoga makes a difference to reduce stress and anxiety many women feel during pregnancy. Yoga can help to quiet the mind for a woman that is pregnant, and helps to prepare the body for the last trimester which can be very uncomfortable. Pregnancy yoga tones and stretches the body and also teaches breathing, relaxation, and meditation techniques. These techniques practiced on a Soul Obsession Yoga Mat will help to control stress and anxiety for expecting mothers. For more details about the Soul Obsession Yoga Mat, please visit

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Soul Obsession is based out of Miami, Florida. The company’s Founder and CEO is Max Rivadeneira. He hopes his mats bring attention to the ongoing wildlife and water crisis happening today around the world. With a yoga mat purchase from Soul Obsession’s Wildlife Collection, a 5% donation will be made to The WILD Foundation works to protect wildlife and the environment through its many global projects. With a purchase from Soul Obsession’s Spiritual Collection, the company will donate 5% to These proceeds will go to protect and save lives by bringing water and sanitation where it’s needed the most.

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