Realty Facebook Ads Target Marketing Campaign Sales Generation Services Launched

Digital and Print Solutions LLC, a Harrisonburg, Virginia, digital marketing company, launched target digital marketing services for realtors. The company provides Facebook lead generation campaigns and only charges per generated lead, without any upfront payment policy.

Digital and Print Solutions LLC a digital marketing company based in Harrisonburg Virginia just launched target digital marketing services for realtors.

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Digital marketing has grown considerably over the past decade, as more and more companies look for ways to leverage the immense marketing potential of the internet. With more than 90% of clients using online services to find business information and more than half of social media users following brand pages for shopping suggestions, online visibility is crucial for overall business success.

One of the most vibrant online markets is real estate investing. Rather than contacting real agents directly, many people looking to buy a home will turn to Google first, or visit specialized websites in search for a property that meets their demands.

However, one of the newest trends in property investment is using social media platforms to reach target markets, thus increasing the chances to sell the property fast and at a fair price. Social platforms such as Facebook can help create awareness of different properties, and active community reaction is likely to create additional interest.

Digital and Print Solutions LLC launched target marketing services for realtors looking to sell properties through professional Facebook campaigns.

The company provides targeted ads for different market categories, including sellers that could provide additional listings. Through selective targeting and retargeting, the Harrisonburg digital marketing agency aims to create interest in client properties and actively engage the local community.

Digital and Print Solutions LLC creates custom ad campaigns on a variety of specialized Facebook groups. The company uses professional advertising strategies to facilitate lead generation and direct contact, thus enabling realtors to sell their properties faster and at an optimum price.

Unlike most advertising agencies, the company only charges for generated leads, with no additional upfront payments. For qualified realtors there is also a one week complimentary trial of the service.

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