Realtor Alon Darvish Negotiates $1,000,000 In Judgment Liens In Sale Of Property

The sale of a home can be sometimes be easy and sometimes difficult. Realtor, Alon Darvish handles the more complex sales of homes in the Los Angeles area.

Hiring the right real estate agent to sell your home is just as important as selecting the right doctor to visit when you have an ailment. Alon Darvish is that right real estate agent! Although a majority of real estate sales are fairly simple, some can be extremely complex. For example, a homeowner may have 11 judgment liens totaling over $1 million against their house along with a couple federal tax liens and be involved in a probate matter and a foreclosure matter.

This is not the typical real estate transaction. Alon Darvish, a California attorney and real estate broker for over 17 years, has helped these types of individuals. He has negotiated judgment liens down by up to 90%. The superior negotiation skills of Mr. Darvish has helped many homeowners save their home from foreclosure in order to sell it for a profit. A home that’s worth $1.3 million and has an $800,000 mortgage along with $1 million in judgment liens – Alon Darvish has saved this home from foreclosure!

Buying real estate is a daunting process, even for those familiar with the market.

For those new to the real estate market, the process can be particularly daunting. The prospective buyer must also contend with the multitude of options, such as questions about mortgages, school districts, and more. There are even agents and notaries whose fees can make or break an otherwise affordable home.

Alon Darvish, a trusted and certified member of the National Association of Realtors and California Association of Realtors, has over 17 years experience in the real estate industry as both buyer’s and seller’s agent as well as an attorney. An expert on markets and trends, he’ll get you what you want at the best price. You can reach Alon Darvish at (310)299-9974 for further information or visit his website at

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