Real Estate Wholesale Deal Finding Automated Property Search Tool Launched

A new search tool for real estate investors and wholesalers has been launched, called BirdDogBot. It allows users to get an unfair advantage when negotiating deals by getting key information on autopilot.

A new search engine for real estate investors and wholesalers has been launched, called BirdDogBot. It automatically runs searchers for freely available property listings and allows real estate professionals to conduct in depths searches with ease.

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With BirdDogBot, real estate professionals can find the best deals in their local market, and automate their real estate deal making with ease. They can use the tool to get notified instantly the moment a deal becomes available.

For real estate investors and wholesalers, the new search tool can help them to simplify their deal finding. This helps them to save time and money in a big way.

Anyone can create their account and start finding deals instantly, with lightning fast searches available. Users can enter their search criteria and track deals that meet their goals and needs with ease.

It’s possible to search for properties by any combination of city, state, zip or county. Other filtering methods include price ranges, bedrooms, bathrooms, listing status and property type.

Using BirdDogBot is one of the most effective ways possible to automate wholesale real estate deal finding. The tool can automatically run searches, analyze properties, monitor classified leads, and more.

Real estate investors can get email notifications to summarize the deals available. There is no need to install anything or run special software – all they need to do is enter their details, set and forget.

The site states: “Monitor and track listings over time – if the asking price, market value, rental income, or any other information BirdDogBot tracks ever changes, BirdDogBot lets you know exactly what changed and by exactly how much.”

Information provided includes facts, market value estimates, photos, listing details, and more. There is also a one-click link to Google so that users can quickly and easily find the Street View details of any properties they’re interested in.

Those wishing to find out more can visit the website on the link provided above.

Release ID: 88911914