Real Estate Storefront Marketing Display Software Launches November 27, 2017

WindowAgent announced the availability of their new Real Estate Storefront Marketing Solution "WindowAgent Digital Lightbox" beginning November 27, 2017. This new real estate storefront technology converts standard TV's into digital billboards with eye catching property details. More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest real estate storefront marketing display will soon be able to purchase a Digital Lightbox by WindowAgent. Today Natalie Guevin, Sales Manager at WindowAgent, released details of WindowAgent’s Digital Lightbox development.

Digital Lightbox is a 24/7 real estate storefront marketing solution. It provides the option to use a customized header and footer, company logo, and other contact details. On-screen advertisements can be uploaded that showcase featured properties, open house schedules, or any other marketing material. Digital Lightbox can even be used as an advertising platform for local businesses that would like additional brand exposure.

Automated Template and Content Sorting – New properties can be added in seconds with drag n’ drop simplicity. By uploading data with an easy-to-use online form, Digital Lightbox will automatically sort crucial listing details into the proper display format and position. Adding primary and secondary pictures, titles, address information, MLS numbers, and property descriptions only becomes easier with time.

Cloud Based Management – Digital Lightbox was designed to make this new real estate window display technology manageable and accessible from anywhere. Brokers and office managers using WindowAgent Digital Lightbox can enjoy the freedom to update and have control over any number of displays from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Optional MLS Integration – WindowAgent made the MLS part of this real estate storefront marketing solution development by using the local MLS feed. This import process provides an automated data entry system, giving any team more time to focus on the many tasks of operating a local real estate office. Customers will likely appreciate this as it will make for a hands off automated management of the real estate window display for marketing and promotion of properties.

Natalie Guevin, when asked about WindowAgent’s Digital Lightbox, said:

“There is finally an innovative solution to replace the printed papers and even the newer back-lit hanging display systems for real estate storefronts. Digital Lightbox is a low-cost turnkey software solution designed to help you make better use of the existing real estate storefront to market properties with ease.

This is our third release of a new product and I am particularly excited! Digital Lightbox is going to save our clients and the real estate offices so much time and money when compared to traditional property sell sheets and complicated expensive window display systems.”

Those interested in learning more about the new digital real estate marketing technology and through-glass real estate touch screen solutions for storefronts can do so on the WindowAgent website at

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here:

Release ID: 266471