Real Estate Kerbappealz Celebrates Its 21st Anniversary by Launching a Website

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Kerbappealz is celebrating its 21 year anniversary and reveals some of its big wins and challenges it faced getting this far. More information on the business can be found at

Penny Whitaker, a UK based entrepreneur celebrates Kerb Appealz’s 21st anniversary and launches a new website named Kerbappealz. The website is focused to help people with all their property buying and selling requirements and offer a reliable solution so they remember their experience forever.

“Buying or selling a property is a tough choice especially with those who are not familiar with the knowhow of real estate industry. Both type of clients have different sort of requirements. Whereas people looking to purchase their dream home are happy customers, those selling their properties are in need of money. In this case, getting in touch with the direct buyer/sellers comes handy. Otherwise, with inclusive commissions by the third parties people cannot get worthy values whether they are selling or buying while knowing that they have no other option available. With this thing in mind, the team wanted to provide a trustworthy platform to property buyers and sellers where they can sell/buy valuable and reasonable properties of their choices and locations. Making sure that any customer coming to Kerb Appealz are offered with the utmost satisfactory advice is what the team known for. And not just that, people can get free evaluations done by the experts”, says Penny.

The website got recently active to serve audiences across the UK and fulfil their property selling and buying necessities. Whether someone is a seller looking for a property buyer or a buyer looking for property, Kerbappealz is a one stop destiny for both kind of people. Apart from getting such real estate solutions, there is a separate section about the must know real estate things that people should be aware of.

About Kerbappealz: Kerbappealz actually got it’s start in 1996 with aim to help home sellers and buyers across the UK. Today, due to their hardworking team of enthusiast, the company is respectfully recognised among the UK property buyers and sellers. More information on the business can be found on their website:

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