Real Estate Investing For Wealth Building Through Airbnb Initiative Launched

Urban Power Connections has launched its Adam and Vista Airbnb initiative fund. This fund seeks to serve urban communities in Texas by helping them build generational wealth.

Urban Power Connections have announced the launch of their Adams and Vista Airbnb initiative fund. It serves as a vehicle for investors, community advocates, and local citizens of Central Texas, Killeen, and the surrounding areas to build generational wealth.

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The new initiative aims at building generational wealth and setting up a long term wealth-building tool. This is done through crowd-funding investments that are used to purchase dilapidated real estate and renovate them for rental. The end goal is to turn these rentals into Airbnb’s due to the short term occupancy and cash flow that Airbnb’s usually create.

Gentrification has been an issue in urban communities for years. When residents can’t afford to pay their mortgage and are forced to leave their homes, real estate investors take the property, renovate it and sell it to the highest bidder. As this continues to happen in a community, the economic value grows but the residents are displaced because they can no longer afford to live in these communities.

Urban Power Connections aims to provide leverage to the residents in urban communities by coordinating investments from local business owners and real estate marketers to mitigate gentrification. This means that residents can now turn their property into rentals, create income for themselves, and thus prevent displacement. What this also does is create vibrant communities that will attract businesses to provide services to the community.

The Adams and Vista Airbnb initiative is the income generator for these communities. Airbnb as a brand has changed the hospitality industry. It has shifted the income-generating power from hotels by offering attractive living quarters in the short term for less. With this in mind, Urban Power Connections seeks to remodel the property in the community according to Airbnb standards in order to take advantage of this market.

What they require is investors to come on board and purchase shares in the company so that this can be done. Their leaders have a very strong background in real estate.

The founder Regiis Jones has 8 years of experience and has overseen over 70 single-family residential homes being purchased, renovated, and resold in the Central Texas area.

Their other leader, Victor Vinziant is a veteran who since 2009 has overseen the purchase, renovation, and property management of 4 plex, duplex, and single-family homes also in the Central Texas area. However, Victor was doing this while on combat tour to Iraq and Afghanistan.

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