Real Estate Expert Multi-Family Investment Strategy Case Study Released

Fi by Rei has recently released a weekly case study on house hacking. The newly released case study aims to help people attain financial freedom through this real estate investment strategy.

Fi by Rei has recently released a case study about house hacking real estate. The case study highlights the house hacking journey of several people every week.

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The recently released case study series seeks to provide practical examples for people that wish to attain financial independence. Every case is examined and dissected so that the capital, the process by which the capital was used, and the return on investment is transparent for readers to see.

One case that was carefully examined was that of Brendan. Brendan had experience as a real estate analyst but hadn’t heard of house hacking before. At the time he discovered house hacking, he was renting a room near to a college for $300 a month.

Posited with the option of lowering his housing cost through house hacking, Brendan decided to give it a try.

He took the time to learn about how house hacking is done through podcasts and attempted to buy property in the vicinity of The University of Akron, but the deal fell through because he did not have enough capital.

He was later able to secure the financing needed by partnering with his best friend. They bought a duplex, renovated it, and then went on to purchase another one. All the renovations were done relatively quickly and saw them having profits sooner.

The case study then goes on to explain the significant challenges that they had when it came to renovating the multi-family homes that they had purchased. It also detailed how they got their tenants and how they were able to manage rental payments.

Fi by Rei is committed to helping people use house hacking and other real estate investment opportunities to attain financial freedom. This case study is just one of the many services that they offer to guide people on their journey to financial freedom.

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