Real Estate Agent and Agency Marketing Packages Launched

Real estate agents and agencies looking to maximize global property exposure can now take advantage of the tailored real estate marketing packages launched by Sydney-based SYSL Media, leading brand promotion tacticians.

Sydney, Australia-based SYSL Media, marketing strategists for real estate agents and agencies, have launched two packages dedicated to marketing strategies for real estate agents. The first package caters to properties under a million in value, while the other targets property over a million. Both packages combine social media, banners, board artwork, 24/7 location sales and ecard options.

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Recently launched, the real estate agent and agency packages optimize exposure and can be tailored to suit each agent or an agency’s requirements. These packages include 24/7 ecard, contact and appointment options, as well as artwork for property boards, outreach, videos and a range of proven real estate marketing tools.

Packages are available for homes under $1 million and those priced at over $1 million. Those agents and agency’s that are in search of more comprehensive packages can also add press advertising and property ads to their selection, along with social media to increase their targeted reach.

SYSL Media help agents and agencies connect with potential homebuyers effortlessly, these professional real estate marketing packages maximize exposure, while catering to advertising budgets. Therefore, agents and agencies can add as many options as they like to their package so that they create an effective and affordable solution that delivers results.

With the current emerging worldwide change, you are able to swing into new markets and ways to meet the demand by being flexible and using the right technology to deliver your message.

When asked about their marketing strategies, a spokesperson for SYSL Media said, “The idea of these packages is to cater them specifically to an agent or agency’s needs. Not all homeowners want the same types of marketing for their property. Some homeowners don’t like the idea of their home being on social media, while others are all for it. These packages are designed to give agents, agencies and homeowners options so that they feel their marketing is ideal for them.”

To find out more about SYSL Media and their global real estate marketing packages, visit the link above. Site visitors can request more information about packages and gain insight into the various advertising options.

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