Real Estate Agency Marketing Services Launched with Targeted Global Access

A new range of marketing, promotion and lead generation packages has been launched for real estate agents across the globe. The packages are designed to help real estate agents connect with more buyers and renters in their area.

A new marketing service for real estate professionals in any country has been launched, offering personalized packages to suit their needs. Two different versions are available to offer the best service for clients, one for properties under $1 million and one for properties over $1 million.

More information can be found at:

Real estate agents or agencies can both benefit from the new service, as it offers a range of options for promoting properties and features.

These include video ads, social media ads, banners, lead generation bots, e-card appointments, Spotify and Alexa audio messages, and more.

Packages are available per month and per property, so real estate professionals can customize the services to suit their needs.

In addition to the new service launch, a special offer has been made available. The launch offer provides a like-dollar value for the agent’s use, with $1,000 package as receiving $1,000 worth of savings card to use for campaigns.

Each of the packages is designed especially with real estate professionals in mind, helping them to get the best results in all their marketing campaigns. Interested parties can enter their email address to find out more and access package information.

Real estate agents and agencies marketing is a unique field and stock listings and exposure is key. When prospects search for a house to buy or rent, the vast majority begin online and it’s important to get found when these searches take place.

Using the packages provided, real estate agents can improve their web presence and bring in more leads through a variety of channels.

This allows them to showcase their properties in new ways, offer more value for buyers and renters, and engage with prospects on an ongoing basis.

Full details of the new packages can be found on the URL above, and incentive packages are available per month.

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